How to make your face brighter naturally

Ways to increase the brightness of the face: Who does not want the brightness of the face. If you ask those who leave day after day and do not take care of themselves or their appearance, they will say that they also want to increase the brightness of their face.  We are not beautiful or black to see why if the face is bright then who is ugly will also look beautiful.

 In daily life we ​​are busy with various activities.  Someone is ruining the brightness of one's face by working in different jobs, or by burning in the sun.  When you stand in front of the mirror, your mind becomes bad seeing the state of your face.  There is no time to take care of yourself or your face due to busyness all day long.  Then and whenever we get a little time we try to get back the radiance of the face.

How to make your face brighter naturally

Increasing the brightness of the face is not a very difficult task.  Anyone can increase the brightness of the face if they want.  But for this we need special care.  But Ahamri does not have to do anything for this.  You can increase the brightness of your face by following certain things in your daily life.  The most important thing is to take care of yourself.

There are many types of creams, snow or face washes available on the market today, but they do not suit everyone's skin.  Nowadays, in the scattering of counterfeit products, you cannot understand which is real and which is fake.  As a result, it is seen that increasing the brightness of the face is far from the opposite, various problems occur in the face such as acne, various black spots, dark circles, loss of brightness of the face, etc.

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So we will know the way to increase the brightness of the face through home remedies.  So that there is no bed effect.  If you follow the regular ways, you will quickly see the charisma of the radiance of your face.  So below I will discuss in detail about different ways to increase the brightness of the face.  So read the whole article carefully.

Ways to increase the brightness of the face naturally 

How much we do to increase the brightness of the face.  But I can't increase the brightness of my face because I don't know the exact rules.  When I work out all day or women cook, I don't want to do beauty treatments anymore.  So following some rules below will increase the brightness of the face.  So let's not know.

 Get regular sleep

 We have a bad habit of sleeping late at night.  At night, he wastes time by Facebooking and chatting and goes to bed very late.  Which also adversely affects our mental and physical health.  And the look is ruined.  An adult should get at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night.  If it is less then various problems may occur.

If you don't get enough sleep, your eyes may get swollen in the morning.  If regular sleep is less, black spots will be seen under the eyes.  You will get tired.  The brightness of your face will be lost.  Different spots or acne may appear on the face.  So you need to get enough sleep regularly to increase the brightness of your face.  Your skin cells are boosted during sleep.  As a result, the skin cells are rejuvenated and the radiance of the face is increased.

 Drink plenty of water

 Water acts as a medicine for all diseases.  Drinking plenty of water increases the radiance of our skin.  The more water you can drink, the better.  Drinking water removes dirt from our body and refreshes the cells in the body and makes new cells.

 You can also mix and eat more different things with water.  For example, you can mix a pinch of cinnamon in boiling water every morning and drink it.  It will not only help you lose extra weight but will also brighten your skin.  In addition, if you want, you can mix strawberry juice in water and drink it regularly.  Drinking it regularly removes various spots on the face and increases the radiance of the face.

 Exercise regularly

Exercise means just losing weight, it would be wrong to think.  Because exercise helps to lose weight as well as keep your body fit and increase the radiance of the face.  Exercise makes the body thinner, the mind is more humane and the radiance of the face increases.  Exercise makes the body tired and helps in deep sleep at night which is very beneficial for facial skin.

 There are some other exercises you can do, such as walking, cycling, jogging, skiing, dancing.  These are great for brightening the skin.  Exercise regularly for 10 minutes every day. After one month you will see that your face has become different which will make you look more beautiful and radiant.

Yoga exercises

Any exercise is for your body or skin.  But if it is yoga then it does not matter.  Because in addition to physical exercise, it will give you peace of mind.  And will enhance your physical beauty and skin beauty.

The main exercises that increase the radiance of the face are: Chakrasana, Sarbangasana, Halasana, Shirshasana and Pranayama.  These exercises increase the flow of oxygen and blood in the body, which in turn increases the radiance of the face.

 Do not use soap

 If we do not use soap while bathing, we will not have a bath.  We use soap on our skin every day.  But we may not know that using extra soap can cause skin problems in your mouth or body.  The reason is that soaps are made with certain chemicals which, when used excessively, dull the skin cells.

As well as makes your skin rough and dry.  Reduces natural oils and moisture from the skin.  As a result, the pH level of the skin becomes unbalanced and various skin problems start appearing.

So do not use soap every day.  Avoid using soap, especially on the face.  If you want you can use the best quality facewash available in the market.  Looks like it suits your skin.  Then there will be no damage to your skin.  The radiance of the skin will be just right.

Don't be stressed

Stress is a terrible problem.  Very few people can be found who are not under stress.  Mental problems It not only hurts you mentally but also hurts you physically.  It has a bad effect on your health.  Acne mainly affects people in the face of stress.

So to increase the brightness of the body and face, you need to get out of stress first.  You can take a bath in cold water to relieve stress.  Always be worry free.  If you are free from tension, your body health will remain good.

Clean your face before going to bed

We spend a lot of time outside, outside pollution, dust particles enter through the pores of your mouth, this dirt does a lot of damage to our skin.  Excess dust makes our skin rough.  So the skin should be thoroughly cleansed after coming out and before going to bed at night.

After coming out, wash your face with cold water.  And clean your face every night before going to bed.  Then the dirt accumulated in the face will be removed.  Your face will be bright.  You can use good night cream at night to increase the brightness of the face.

Keep your mind calm

Always try to keep yourself calm and in control.  If you are frustrated or angry about something, keep calm.  Because of these, the radiance of your face is lost.  After a different pressure in the mouth which looks and looks bad.  So no matter what the situation, you have to keep calm and adjust.  Then the radiance on the face will remain intact.

 Eat healthy food regularly

Healthy eating is an essential part of our body.  Sometimes lack of nutrition can ruin our health.  So we should have more fresh fruits and green vegetables in our diet.  These will provide nutrition to our body and will work great to keep the skin healthy.  So you should eat more vegetables and nutritious food.

Home Remedies for your face brighter 

How much we do to increase the brightness of the face.  If it is not so easy then it is not difficult.  The first thing you need to do to improve your complexion is to take care of yourself.  Then if you follow some rules you can increase the brightness of the face.  Following some of the rules mentioned above can then try some domestic ways.  Then the radiance of your face will increase rapidly.  So let's not know the domestic ways.

 Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the most popular for the face.  It is an amazing home remedy to keep your skin radiant and relieves dryness of the skin. And its anti-acne properties help to get rid of various blemishes, acne and also reduce facial irritation.

 Terms of use

Aloe vera gel is available in the market.  You can apply this aloe vera gel on your skin at any time.  If your skin is normal then you can use this gel instead of any moisturizer.

If you have an aloe vera tree in your house, you can break a stick of it and take gel out of it and rub it on your face or apply it.  It will help to get rid of facial acne, black spots instantly.  You can sleep again by massaging your skin with aloe vera gel before going to bed at night.  You will also get many benefits

Green tea

Green tea is not only good for the body but it is also good for the skin.  Using green tea on your face protects your face from the harmful rays of sunlight and also protects you from major problems like skin cancer.  It also protects the face from acne, dark circles and removes the extra impression of age.

Terms of use

Boil green tea in about half a cup of water.  Then mix brown sugar and cream together and massage on the face.  Rinse after a while.  This will increase the radiance of your skin.

Coconut oil

We use coconut oil only for hair.  But without hair it is very beneficial for our skin.  Using it keeps our skin cool.  It protects our skin from the scorching sun and contains an excellent anti-aging ingredient that prevents the skin from aging.

Terms of use

Coconut oil we can use like ordinary cream.  It can be massaged on your skin and applied all over the body.


Turmeric is a cooking spice and is quite beneficial for the skin.  Turmeric plays an effective role in increasing the radiance of the skin and eliminating various skin problems.  Helps to remove dry feeling and various spots on the skin.

Terms of use

You can only apply yellow paste on the face.  Or make a scrub by mixing besan and water with turmeric.Then apply it well on the face and after 15 minutes when it is dry, gently rub it and wash the face.  It can quickly brighten your skin.


Just as milk works to nourish the body, milk is also very beneficial for the skin.  If your skin is dry then milk may be the best moisturizer for you.  The various nutritional properties and vitamins in milk are excellent for maintaining the radiance of your face.

Terms of use

Make a nice pack by mixing besan and honey with raw milk.  Then apply it on the face and wait for about 15 minutes.  Then rinse gently.  It will quickly brighten the face.  brightnessYou can also use this pack once or twice a week if you want.

Foods to increase the brightness of the face

There is also the effect of food to increase the  of the face.  Because nutritionists say that the right food helps to protect your skin from various problems.  Always eat nutritious food.  However, there are some foods that are quite beneficial for the skin.  If you put these foods in the daily food menu, your body will get nutrition as well as skin and nutrition.  And the beauty and radiance of the skin will increase.  So let's know the foods that are beneficial for the skin:


Bananas are very beneficial for health.  As well as an excellent beneficial fruit to keep your skin well.  It contains a lot of vitamin A, which has health benefits as well as helps to remove skin blemishes.


Carrots are very good for health.  Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in our body.  Regularly eating carrots will increase the radiance of your skin and the skin will be vibrant and radiant.


The more water you drink, the better.  There is no harm in drinking too much water.  Drink plenty of water to keep your body or skin healthy.  Drink at least one and a half to two liters of water daily.  Water eliminates various problems of your body as well as removes wrinkles from the skin.  Drinking extra water removes toxins from the body through sweat.  Drinking enough water restores vitality to the skin and makes it look radiant.  Acne can be cured by drinking more water.


Almonds are at least a nutritious food.  Almonds contain some important elements like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin-E.  Regular consumption of nuts will make the skin brighter.

 Fruits with vitamin-C

You can eat more fruits with more vitamin-C.  Regular consumption of fruits keeps the skin healthy and restores the vitality of the skin.  Regular consumption of guava, pineapple, papaya, various berry fruits etc. keeps the skin well and removes the stress of age.

 Sweet pumpkin

You can eat sweet pumpkin as a vegetable for skin care.  Sweet pumpkin contains many nutrients.  Sweet pumpkin contains an important ingredient called beta carotene which fulfills the need of vitamins in the body.  So playing sweet pumpkin keeps the skin alive, soft and fresh.

 Bitter ground

We eat bitter ground  as a vegetable and many people cannot eat it again.  But bitter ground has a lot of nutrients. These include calcium, magnesium and manganese etc. which are quite beneficial for health as well as skin.  Playing karla helps to eliminate the unevenness of your skin color as well as increase the radiance.


Can eat fish regularly.  Fish contains omega-3 fats which are very beneficial for health and skin.  This fish keeps the skin cells alive, brightens the skin and protects it from various skin problems and cancers.

Green tea

The anti-oxidant ingredients in green tea remove toxins from the body.  So regular drinking of green tea eliminates various skin problems, dark circles and acne problems and helps to remove the impression of extra age on the face.


Everyone tries to increase the brightness of the face.  If you want, you can increase the brightness of your face by following some rules.  You can easily increase the radiance of your face by playing the above mentioned home remedies and foods.  Adhering to the above mentioned principles will not only brighten your face but will also help to brighten and lighten your complexion.

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