Natural Home Remedies For Fever Quickly

Home remedies for fever: The word fever is very familiar to all of us.  When we say illness, we first understand fever.  Because the main symptom of any disease is manifested through fever.  We know that the normal average temperature of our body is 96 degrees.  

Some home remedies to reduce fever quickly.

But when the body temperature goes above 99 degrees Fahrenheit, I call it fever.  Many people get fever especially due to change of seasons or weather.  There are also some complex diseases that can cause fever - various types of cancer, typhoid, meningitis, eczema, vascular inflammation, SLE, cellulitis, ITP, etc.

Natural home remedies for fever

First of all try to reduce the fever through some home remedies.  If it does not work, you can take paracetamol.  However, if the fever is 36.3 degrees Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit) or below, there is no need to take medicine.  Instead, you can reduce the fever through some home remedies.

The symptoms of fever are-

* Body temperature will be more than 101 degrees.

* Severe headache

* Feeling hungry and physically weak.

* Pain in different joints of the body.

* Feeling cold and body churning.

* Feeling sleepy.

* Not being able to concentrate on any work.

* The body becomes hot.

* Eyes and face become red.

* Burning eyes.

Diagnosis of various diseases from fever

 Fever causes a variety of diseases, such as-

* Infectious diseases - influenza, HIV, malaria, intestinal diseases.

* Skin infections.

* Immunological diseases - autoimmune hepatitis, sarcoidosis.

* Cancer-Kidney cancer, leukemia.

Some home remedies or tips to reduce fever

 1) Eat honey

Honey is very useful in reducing fever. Because honey has anti-bacterial properties, which destroys the bacteria in the body.  This will make it easier to reduce viral fever.  Mix one teaspoon of honey, half a lemon juice and a cup of hot water together well.  And drink this mixture two-three times a day.

 2) Eat basil leaves

Basil leaves contain anti-bacterial and antibiotic ingredients.  It helps in relieving fever, cold, sore throat, stomach ache, heartburn, gas, bronchitis, malaria and many other ailments.  Clean and wash with 8-10 basil leaves.  Then let the water heat in a pot and boil it well with basil leaves.  Drink one cup of this water every morning.

 3) Take a bath in lukewarm water.

Another home remedy for fever is to take a bath in lukewarm water.  The water temperature will be normal, neither too hot nor too cold.  Bathing in lukewarm water lowers the body temperature a bit.  This is because bathing in cold water with fever causes blood to flow to the internal organs of the body and raises the core temperature.  As a result, the skin becomes cold and the patient starts shivering.

4) Apply water bandage on the head to reduce fever

In case of fever, one of the ways to reduce the excess temperature at home is to apply water bandage.  Fold a clean napkin and soak it in clean water.  Now place the handkerchief on the forehead for two minutes.  After two minutes, soak the handkerchief in water again and place it on the forehead in the same way. Doing this a few times will show that the heat coming out of the head will be absorbed by the handkerchief and it will evaporate and the body temperature will come under control.

 5) Home remedy for fever with ginger

Ginger is one of the best home remedies for fever.  Ginger is a natural anti-virus.  Which helps reduce body temperature.

Take half a teaspoon of ginger paste and one teaspoon of honey.  Then boil ginger paste in a cup of hot water and mix honey in it.  Then drink this mixture three or four times a day.  Or you can mix one and a half teaspoon of ginger powder in one cup of boiling water and eat it like tea.  As a result, ginger lowers body temperature quickly.

 6) Home remedy for fever with garlic

Garlic is one of the home remedies to reduce fever.  Take one clove of garlic and one cup of hot water.  Chop the garlic and soak it in hot water for ten minutes.  Then strain the garlic cloves and eat it like Panituku tea.  Thus you have to eat twice a day.

Also, take two cloves of garlic and mix it with olive oil and apply the mixture on the soles of the feet.  Then wrap your legs in a thin cloth overnight.  You will wake up in the morning and see that the fever is completely gone.  However, it does not apply to pregnant women or children.

 7) Use of green tea to reduce fever

Green tea is one of the ways to reduce fever.  Green tea contains powerful antioxidant-rich ingredients.  Green tea not only reduces body weight, but also helps increase the body's resistance to disease.  It also stores energy in different cells of the body.

Green tea plays an important role if the body temperature rises. So if you feel feverish, take one cup of green tea.  The body will be able to develop its immunity before the fever increases.

8) Adequate rest

Sleep plays a very important role in getting rid of the disease.  Because if the body does not get enough rest at this time, the body becomes more weak.  Bacterial infections make the body tired, which can take time to return to normal if the body does not get proper rest.

 So the body needs enough sleep or rest to fight against fever.

 9) Eat liquid food

Liquid meals are prescribed keeping in mind the patient's metabolic rate, normalizing body temperature, and not interfering with digestion.  As a liquid you can eat fruit juice, soup, red tea etc.  Playing hot soup will help to reduce the temperature inside the body just as it relaxes our throat.

 10) Use of cinnamon to reduce fever

Cinnamon contains antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral ingredients.  And it is possible to reduce fever through this cinnamon.  Mixing a teaspoon of honey with cinnamon powder reduces the risk of various viral infections in the body.  Eat this mixture two to three times a day.  It also helps in reducing sore throat, chills, runny nose, cough.  Therefore, the importance of cinnamon in reducing fever at home is incomparable.

When to go to the doctor in case of fever-

 Fever cannot always be reduced by home remedies.  In many cases you may need to see a doctor.  E.g.-

  • If the fever lasts for more than 2-3 days.
  • Children under 3 months of age have a fever of more than 100.46 F.
  • Adult fever rises to 103 degrees Fahrenheit or lasts for more than three daysdays.
  • If there is excessive laziness or breathing problems.
  • If dehydration occurs due to fever.

The last word

Fever is noangerous.First try some home remedies to reduce the fever.  In addition to taking home remedies to reduce fever, the patient should take rest, keep the body moist, eat liquid and hot food.  If you are not healthy, you should consult a doctor.

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