Allergies : Symptoms of allergies, cause and best treatment of allergies 2022

 Allergy is an itchy disease.  We do not know how to get rid of allergies.  We've all heard of allergies.  If allergy is a common disease and it is very serious, because itching causes swelling in different parts of the body which becomes a very serious condition.

Allergies : Symptoms of allergies, cause and best treatment of allergies 2021

 Many of us have no idea about allergies.  It is very important to have an accurate idea about these allergies.  Because allergies cause more different diseases.  Different types of skin diseases (such as shortness of breath, eczema, etc.) are caused by allergies.  So today we will discuss in detail about the ways to get rid of allergies and the name of the allergy medicine including the price.

 What are allergies?

 We know allergies as a disease but we don't know what allergies are.

 The word allergy is a combination of the Greek words Allos and Ergos.  Which means altered response.  An allergic reaction is a reaction that is caused by a reaction to certain foods, dust, flower pollen, certain medications, and so on.

 We all know that the body has an immune system called the immune system.  This allergic reaction occurs or manifests only when the body has a problem with this immune system for some reason.  Countless people in our country are affected by this disease.  Allergy is an unbearable disease for everyone.

 Allergies can range from mild to severe, as it can be mild in many cases, but in some cases it can be life-threatening.

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 Why are allergies?

 Allergies occur for a variety of reasons.  We do not understand why allergies occur.  Here are some reasons why allergies occur:

 1) Dust accumulated in the house causes serious problems which is one of the causes of asthma allergies.  This is because the dust in the house contains a type of germ called mite which causes about 60% allergies.  So I would say that those who have asthma allergy problems should always stay away from the dust and sand of the house.

 Dust accumulates in different furniture of the house such as bed blankets, kantha, books, chairs etc. Dust accumulates in different parts of the house and it should always be kept clean and tidy.  And stay away even when cleaning.

 2) Allergies occur as a result of different foods.  If you have allergies after eating beef, shrimp, hilsa, beef milk, various vegetables, etc., you should stay away from these.  Eat foods that do not have allergy problems.

 3) Contaminated air, flower pollen, smoke, smell of raw paint, lime, old file dust, etc. can cause asthma by allergic reactions in the body.  Asthma is a disease that is associated with allergies, so those who have asthma should stay away from it.

 4) The fungus can cause allergies or eczema in the body, because it is a simple plant.  Sometimes fungi contaminate food.  Leaving the dried food for a while, we see that the fungus attacks it.  Moreover, some foods (cheese, bread, cakes, etc.) are made using fungi.  And this fungus is one of the causes of allergies.

 5) If we have a common disease, such as headaches, fever, boils, itching, etc., we sometimes take penicillin and aspirin without consulting a doctor.  And penicillin and aspirin drugs can also cause allergic itching in the body.

 No medication should be taken without a doctor's advice as excessive penicillin use increases the risk of death and may even lead to death.  So it is not right to take any medicine without the advice of a doctor.

How to understand if you have allergies?

 By allergy we mean itching.  Itching can happen again for any reason but it is important to understand whether it is an allergy or not.

 After eating dust, flowers, scents, beef, shrimp, hilsa, cow's milk, pulses, duck eggs and various vegetables in different parts of the house, itching should be noticed.  You have an allergy problem.

 Allergic foods

 In daily life we ​​take a lot of food.  But there are some foods in these foods that can cause allergies.

 Foods that cause allergic problems or itching after eating should be kept off for a long time.

 First you need to understand which foods to eat, the problem is to separate them and stop eating them.  Then again after a few days you have to eat those foods to see if there is any problem in the body.  If there are no side effects or problems, you can continue eating and if there are problems, you should stop eating.

 So the foods that cause allergies should be avoided as much as possible.  However, there are some foods that have allergies or problems with allergies that cause itching and some of the foods that cause allergies are named:

  •  Shrimp,
  •  Hilsa fish,
  •  Duck eggs,
  •  Beef,
  •  Pulses,
  •  Eggplant etc.

 If the food causes allergies in the body or if there is a problem caused by allergies, eating these foods increases the problem.  So you should always stay away from food allergies.

 Vitamin E is very useful in preventing or suppressing allergies.  So you need to eat more vitamin E foods.  Moreover, you can eat more carrots and cucumbers because carrot and cucumber juice also has anti-allergic ingredients.  In addition, those who have allergies should refrain from drinking alcohol, tea and coffee.

Necessary allergy testing

 People who have allergies should be tested for any allergies.

 And it should be diagnosed and treated accordingly.  There are some necessary tests to diagnose whether there is an allergy in the body or the type of allergy.  These are -

  •  Blood test
  •  Diagnosis of serum IgE levels
  •  Skin prick test
  •  X-ray of the book
  •  Spirometry

 Treatment of allergies

 Allergies can be easily controlled by proper treatment if you can find out what kind of allergies or why these allergies have occurred after testing for allergies. However, allergies do not get better easily.  Allergies can be alleviated in different cases by taking regular medicine as per the advice of the doctor for allergies.

 Allergies can be easily cured by taking medicines as well as vaccines as per the doctor's advice by giving up the products that you are allergic to or the foods that cause allergies.  It is a long-term and proper way to get rid of allergies.

 We think that allergies are not completely cured.  In fact, this is not the case because the problem of allergies is caught early and if treated properly, it gets better.  However, if neglected at first, the disease becomes long-term, then it takes a long time to recover completely, in some cases it is not good, but can be controlled.

 Medications for itching or allergies and their prices

 Any medicine should be taken according to the doctor's advice.  Because allergies or itching can be due to various reasons, it is better to diagnose the cause beforehand and then take treatment and get better quickly.

 However, I am sharing with you the names of some tablets which are very popular and doctors recommend eating these tablets for allergies.

 Among the medicines that can relieve allergies or itching, 5 medicines and their prices are given.

  •  Cetizin = 3 taka (According to Bangladesh) 
  •  Loratin = 3 taka
  •  Alatrol = 3 taka
  •  Desloratadine = 3 taka
  •  Fexofenadine = 3 taka

Ways to get rid of or eliminate allergies

 To avoid allergies, you need to follow some rules in your daily life, then it will be possible to survive allergies. Below are some ways to avoid allergies:

 1) Allergies are mostly caused by dust, so the house should be kept dust free.  When you clean the house, some dirt accumulates in the chips of different things.  There is a possibility of allergy from these accumulated dirt.

 So all the furniture in the house like bed sheets, pillow covers, mosquito nets etc. should be washed and kept clean.  In addition, everything around the house should be thoroughly cleaned with water and cleaner.  Also, try to dry the blankets, cloths, etc. well in the sun every day because the ultraviolet rays of the sun kill these viruses.

 2) Doors and windows should be cleaned with a wet cloth at least once a week.  Doors and window curtains should be washed well.

 3) Regular kitchen, bedroom should be kept clean.  Children's furniture, toys, shoes, clothes, etc. should be kept well cleaned as they accumulate dust and sand, which can cause allergies in children.

 4) If there are any animals in the house, they should be kept clean and tidy every day.

 5) and allergic foods should be avoided if allergic.

 If you follow these things, you can get rid of allergies easily.

 Home Remedies for Allergies

 Only those who have it know how serious or painful the allergy is.  When we have allergies, many people try different ways to get rid of it.  When I go home or somewhere, I can't eat even if I put good food in front of me just for fear of increasing allergies.

 But today I will share with you a way that if you can comply, allergies will be easily removed for the rest of your life.  So let's not know the way -

  •  The first thing you need to do is take a good look at the leaves.  Neem leaves are very useful then you have to dry them well in the sun.
  •  When the leaves are well dried, the dried leaves should be crushed on the floor and kept in a clean container.
  •  Then soak 1 teaspoon of neem leaf powder in 1 glass of water for half an hour.
  •  After half an hour, shake the soaked neem powder well with a clean spoon.
  •  Then take one glass three times a day i.e. on an empty stomach every morning, on a full stomach after lunch and before going to bed at night.

 Thus you have to eat for 21 days in a row.  Gradually its effectiveness will begin.  You will be able to see the result after one month.  However, you need to avoid the things that are not allergic to the above, then the correct results will be found.  If you follow these methods, you will get rid of allergies forever, God willing.

 Last word

 Dear reader!  Although allergy is a common disease, its pain is very severe.  So if you take the right treatment at the right time, I hope it will get better soon.

 I hope you like today's article.  If you like it, share it with everyone.  Thanks

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