Top 10 signs of pregnancy early

What are the first 10 symptoms of pregnancy?  Match if you miss period monthly.  Those who are going to be a mother for the first time, one or two months after pregnancy or conception, often do not realize that they are pregnant.  Maybe something physical is changing.

Top 10 signs of pregnancy early

Women who keep track of their menstrual periods usually have this suspicion if they are not menstruating.  In today's busy age, many people cannot remember the exact time of their menstrual period.  That's not right.  The car itself has to take care of its own health.

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If you are not menstruating in any month, some changes take place in your body within 1-2 weeks.  If you are pregnant, then if you notice these symptoms within 1-2 weeks of not menstruating, then you must get a pregnancy test.  Because it is better to be careful about this.  Let's not know the main symptoms of pregnancy.

 First 10 signs of pregnancy

 1. Discomfort in belly

Even under normal circumstances, many girls get bloated before menstruation.  This is due to hormonal differences in the body.  The same can be said of early pregnancy.  During this time a lot of gas is made in the stomach and it starts to come out.

 2. Missing period

If you are not menstruating on time, then you can get a pregnancy test even if all the other symptoms are not seen.  Many people have irregular periods, in which case if you understand the rest of the symptoms, get tested.


At this time the feeling of fatigue increases and the feeling of drowsiness comes.  Sleep is also more. It is thought that the hormone progesterone is responsible for this sleep.

4. Nausea and morning sickness

Nausea occurs 2-4 weeks after conceiving.  Usually, this is called morning sickness as it wakes up in the morning and causes more nausea and headache.  Morning sickness can occur not only in the morning, but also at noon or at night.  Morning sickness starts 4 weeks after conceiving and lasts for 14-15 weeks.  In some cases this period is more or less the same.

5. Tender and swollen breasts

As before menstruation many breasts become swollen or sensitive;  This is exactly what can be done after conceiving.  Swelling of the breasts, swelling of the hands.  In a word, the breasts become extremely sensitive.  Breast shape changes throughout pregnancy.  In many cases a kind of fluid comes out when the nipple is pressed.

6. Food aversion

Many foods can smell like you.  Maybe the food you used to love is unbearable now.  I don't want to eat properly or my appetite goes away.  Hormonal differences in the body cause anorexia.  During pregnancy, the secretion of a hormone called estrogen increases in the body of girls.  It is believed that these hormones cause these problems.

7. Urge to urinate many times

Hormones increase blood flow to the kidneys early in pregnancy.  This causes the bladder to fill up faster than normal and to urinate frequently.  This problem is exacerbated later in pregnancy because as the baby gets older, the size of the uterus increases and the pressure on the bladder increases.

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8.Mood swings

Hormonal fluctuations cause mood swings or mood swings in expectant mothers.  Sometimes the mind is very good, sometimes it is very depressing.

9. Sight bleeding or spotting

Many people notice light bleeding or spotting.  Don't make the mistake of thinking it's monthly.  It is actually implantation bleeding.  This bleeding may occur during fetal implantation in the uterus.  This implantation occurs within one to two weeks of ovulation.  After the spotting, you can bring the pregnancy kit home and test it once.

10. Raised body temperature

Symptoms of concomitant body temperature being higher than normal for 16 consecutive days or more.  If there is any change in the body or if you understand the above symptoms, you can try it with the pregnancy kit at home.

Last word

Never rely on kits alone.  Only after seeing a doctor can you be sure about pregnancy.  The formation of the baby begins even before you realize what you have conceived;  So keep yourself healthy and always take care.

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